<Create your first React Native app with STRV />

Leverage your existing skill to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native. Learn how to set up an environment, debug and test your app. Create a simple app to demonstrate all the features and workflow.


Duration 3 hours
Max Audience 60 people
Price Free

Josef Zavisek

Senior software engineer @ STRV

An enthusiastic developer since he was only a child. Josef currently is working with high-profile US startups at STRV and is passionate about new technologies and new approaches in the software development process. Josef is now exploring React Native and looking forward to seeing how it will change the world of mobile app development.

Vladimir Vanek

Full stack developer @ STRV

Vladimír works on ensuring that fellow developers have the tools they need to make their own jobs less painful. He is passionate about modern web technologies and user experience. When Vladimír is not coding, he likes music and art.

Daniel Kijkov

Front-end developer @ STRV

Daniel's main focus is on client-side UI/UX development for all devices using the latest web technologies. He loves learning and implementing new technologies at STRV and sharing findings with his colleagues.