<Redux 101 />

Learn to use cutting edge ReactJS tooling - ReactJS 0.14, ES6, Webpack, ImmutableJS and the leading (by far) Flux implementation Redux. Understand how to correctly build and test a modern ReactJS stack.

Duration 6 hours
Max Audience 20 people
Price 495 €

Boris Dinkevich

Partner & CEO @ 500Tech

An avid developer since his teens, Boris currently runs a web development consultancy in Israel and speaks at many Israeli meetups and conferences (AngularJS-IL, ng-conf.co.il, Rails Israel, Bitcoin Summit IL).

Ilya Gelman

Sr. Developer & Consultant @ 500 Tech

As a full-stack developer and consultant Ilya was involved in tens of projects from startups to enterprise. He is a passionate programmer with aspiration to clean and concise code and good design. Ilya also comes to be an organizer of AngularJS-IL and ReactJS-Israel meetup groups.

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