<Learn basics of clojurescript and reagent />

Clojurescript community has top developers and ideas that penetrate to the other languages too (immutable data structures, single state atom, CSP). Come to learn why this modern LISP dialect attracted so many smart heads, try to create your own app in this language.


  • Linux(preferably), OS X, Windows
  • Java 8
  • Leiningen (http://leiningen.org/)
  • Text editor e.g. Light Table, Cursive

Duration 6 hours
Max Audience 20 people
Price Free

Matúš Fedák

Prime <React /> Evangelist

"I don't like parties past 2 am.
Then it's all losers and weirdos and me."

Maty lives by the rule “work hard, play hard”.
He passionately follows development of new technologies and brings innovation into his community.
His idol is Rich Hickey.